Cancer, a word no one wants to hear until they do. The doctors tell you about the type, the stage, the process but information can be fast and furious, and sometimes trying to live normally afterwards is hard. They don't tell you about the aftermath, the part when all the treatments end, where trying to live forward begins. 

After several years of trying to find myself back to me from continued weight gain, not being able to walk normally without pain, as well as the other cancer treatment after-effects CBD products were brought to my attention. Then, a chance meeting with a musician and his encouraging words "keep trying the CBD oils and hemp products, you'll find one that works for you", began research that continues to this day.  Researching Hemp and CBD products became a passion, one that only keeps growing, because "the one" that worked was found. Premium CBD and Hemp products do work when you find the right one for you. Look for Quality, Not Quantity. 

The Biggest Things Learned: 
All CBD products are not made the same
All Hemp is not grown the same

There are very few companies who actually have territorial boundaries in place for their suppliers/partners. That's why you can see the same brand name products in so many different places from stores across the street from one another to gas stations on opposite corners carrying the same products.

You have to find the one that is right for you, read the labels for ingredients and third party lab testing
No one knows your body like you and/or your doctor. If you are being treated for any type of medical condition consult your doctor before using any new product(s)

All of these things and more actually were the foundation for what is now Hard Rock Hemp. In 2019, Hard Rock Hemp partnered with a leading broad spectrum company specializing in THC-Free, Vegan, and now limited full spectrum products, some of which are now USDA Certified Organic. In 2020, when COVID hit all of our lives changed and as difficult as it was for basically a new company, Hard Rock Hemp managed to keep moving forward making small sales with the help of other shop owners and several established customers. 

In early 2021, Hard Rock Hemp became a Verified Retailer for the Colorado Hemp Honey company, a Veteran owned business specializing in hemp infused Honey and Coffee products and in helping Veterans. To read more about Colorado Hemp Honey please visit them at 

Today, Hard Rock Hemp is still a small company with big dreams. One that has actually given products to people at no charge in order to try helping others, because that is what it is all about, trying to help others.

The physical location for the first Hard Rock Hemp store in Historic Pickens, S.C. inside the Market @ The Mill, 225  Pumpkintown Hwy, Pickens, S.C. Situated between Charlotte, N.C. and Atlanta, GA just off the well traveled roadways of scenic Cherokee Foothills Highway (Hwy 11) and the I-85 corridor. As Hard Rock Hemp grows we will strive to carry only the best CBD & Hemp products from organically grown hemp, produced in FDA approved labs with Third Party testing.

Ask about our discounts for Veterans, First Responders & Seniors

All Hard Rock Hemp products are from manufacturers/companies who adhere to the 2018 FARM BILL regulations, using organically grown hemp and other organic ingredients in the making of their products in FDA approved labs.  

Water-Soluble - Gluten Free - Premium Full Spectrum - Premium Broad Spectrum - THC FREE - Third Party Tested

WE believe a little goes a long way. With that in mind, Hard Rock Hemp strives to carry only the best hemp products on the market for our customers at affordable prices. If you are a Veteran, First Responder, Dispatcher or Senior Citizen please inquire about our discount offers. 

Premium Products - 2018 Farm Bill Complaint - USDA Certified Organic Products 
Broad Spectrum - Full Spectrum - Turmeric Infused Hemp Products
100% Organically Grown American Hemp Products