A Three Headed Dragon of American Thrash Metal, Groove & Soul

Breaking All The Rules

QUOR, originally known as “WAGTBA”, an acronym for We Are Going To Be Awesome, formed in 2011 by Brian Corn and Doug Smith (Rio). The new band name QUOR arose one foggy night while Brian Corn was driving down the PCH. I saw a giant liquor store sign glowing in the distance. The “L and I” where out and the sign read “QUOR”.


"I had to stop and photograph the sign. The band name was changed to “QUOR” as all of us wanted a simple unique name. The name “QUOR” poked at the current state of rock labeling everything into “core” genre’s (hardcore, mathcore, metalcore, etc etc.) and also avoided the trends in band naming that make every band sound the same. In honor of the original band name the first EP was titled 'We Are Going To Be Awesome',  We didn’t really didn't give a shit about the “names” of “bands.” Brian Corn


20113: QUOR releases their first EP 'We Are Going To Be Awesome' followed by tours in the U.S. and acoustic tours in Europe and Japan.

2015: 'The album Human Paradigm' becomes one of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2015 along with Five Finger Death Punch, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Slayer, Once Human, and the all-star Hollywood Vampires among others. Loudwire Most Anticipated Album of 2015

2015: The album "Human Paradigm" (September) is released with the title track of the same name recorded in one weekend at Swagger Studios, Los Angeles, CA. The single took on a Rock Star life of its own when engineer Dan Whittemore invited the band to “campout” at the studio during a challenge to complete a full song over a weekend. Challenge Accepted - resulting in the great sound of that song.

2015: The video single for “Let’s Rise” from the 'Human Paradigm' album spends 5-weeks at #1 (Loudwire's Battle Royale), competing against videos by bands like Slayer and Queensryche while fending off challenges from Stitched Up Heart's "Finally Free," and Huntress' "Sorrow."

2017: Tour Press Force Interview "The three piece wonder of QUOR is like sighting a pterodactyl. You are scared and yet drawn to its unusual beauty and the danger of its existence. It breaks rules of physics like a Unicorn. The singers last name is actually Corn. But seriously every new band is the shit according to their bio. Your judgment is all that you will need whether attending a performance or spinning the music on your own sweet time. The dynamics of rock vs. metal, indie vs. punk will intrigue you. An active culture. A three headed dragon of thrash, groove, and soul. Simply, un-simple. QUOR culture will force you to question what you believe about rock. Period." Tour Press Force: A Force for the Empowerment of Youth in the Music Industry


2018: The new single "Raising the Dead" from the QUOR album 'The Way We Are' premieres exclusively on LoudWire

2019: QUOR release their new album 'DECEMBER' 

2019:  New single  and video "DECEMBER" released from the self titled album January 21, 2020

2020: The single Contagious added to Spotify March 27, 2020

2019 was an amazing year for this band. I can only imagine the fun and new opportunities we are going create in 2020.

Here’s a recap:

1. Toured Japan
2. Toured Thailand
3. 2 shows at my favorite spot The Looney Bin
4. Built a personal studio for Chris Baseford (Music Producer/Mixer/Engineer) in Los Angeles
5. Recorded 8 new songs for 2020 in said studio
6. Helped produce “Happens Radio Convention”
7. NAMM Booth signing
8. 2 sold out shows with our brothers in The HU
9. Performed at Rocklahoma 
10. Planning a 2020 record release and more tours

Thank you to everyone who supports this band of misfit toys. We love you as much as we love music.

Our families 
Dirtbag John
G Jones
The Jones’
Nick Huffman
David Isick
Steve Murdock
Chris Baseford
Shawn Sixx
Raquel Figlo
Beatrix Danko
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